Fall Workshop on Preserving the Harvest and Farm Tour

Sustain Jefferson will be offering the special event Preserving the Harvest, on Saturday, September 27 at High Meadow Farm.  You may attend all day or select the morning or afternoon events. 

For online registration, click here.

We're making a MakerSpace...

...in Watertown. And we'd like your help!

What's a makerspace? It's a community workplace for inventors, tinkerers, artists, craftspeople and business entrepreneurs who come together in one place to share equipment, resources and ideas; to teach and learn. It's a community gathering place for creative people -- makers, thinkers and doers -- of all ages.
We've been talking about this for a year. Now, thanks to a generous grant to Sustain Jefferson from a local foundation, we're ready to make a Watertown MakerSpace a reality.
Please visit our wiki, an online forum where we can collaborate: http://www.sustainjefferson.org/wms. The wiki is open for anyone to read; if you would like an account so that you can add your own thoughts, please contact us at makerspace@sustainjefferson.org. If you can't join us for meetings, you can still help on the wiki, or you can send your thoughts by e-mail to the above address.
What equipment should be there? How might you use the MakerSpace? Know of a suitable building for rent in Watertown we should look at? Would you like to be a member of our Watertown MakerSpace Planning Committee? Let us know what you think!

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