No need to go spud-less!

Thanks to all who attended and helped put on our April 5th Spud Fest! It was such a big success that we sold out of our entire supply of 105 pounds of certified organic seed potatoes. But, there's no need to go spud-less this planting season. SJ Board Member Buck Smith has an abundance of tasty taters for sale, all Wisconsin grown certified organic seed potatoes from the same western Wisconsin grower where we bought our seed potatoes for Spud Fest! The varieties Buck is selling are All Blue, Superior Medium, French Fingerling, Dark Red Norland and Adirondack Red. All are $5 per pound with $1 going to Sustain Jefferson. If interested, call Buck at his "Jack of All Trades Handyman" business phone 608-345-2361.

Micro Park Update 5-15-17

The Micro Park is located on the corner of Concord and Oconomowoc Ave. in Watertown. Latest site plan update showing rain gardens, swales and prairie planting. Lately we've been busy getting ready for the installation of some of the park's main features. This includes the main prairie planting and the rain garden-swale system on the north side of the property. To make this happen requires the coordination or the city, a couple of it's departments, the DNR, the utility companies, our volunteer team and Nature. So far we've done pretty well with the task and are still on schedule and target. Thanks to everyone for making this so. Work Day On Thursday May 25 starting at 10am and continuing thru most of the afternoon, we will be holding a volunteer work day. During this time, we want to accomplish:

-seeding the prairie-raking or rolling the seed into the soil -erecting a ribbon fence -marking and making the meaner path -assessing and maintaining the rain garden and swale -discussing the location and erection of the pergola -pulling weed There will be a whole host of activists and jobs going on throughout the day. Stop by and lend a hand if you have a chance and help out on a fun project that helps the environment and neighborhood both at the same time. Details of each job are printed below. Volunteer should bring work gloves and safety glasses, suitable clothing and shoes, a lawn or garden rake, thinking caps and ...

Donate unwanted bicycles

Our bicycle donation project, begun in the fall of 2014 when we collected 150 bikes (see photo scrolling at top of page), continues thanks to some great partnerships forged among people who'd rather see unwanted bikes go to a worthy cause than to a landfill.

The Ixonia Transfer Site and Recycling Center, W1276 Elmwood Ave., Ixonia, continues to accept donations of bikes and bicycle parts during open hours, Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Wednesdays, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Recently SJ Board Member Mike Klaus picked up 21 bikes (photo above) from another of our bike donation partners, the Watertown Police Department, and transported them to the Ixonia site. Recycling Center staff picked up another 30 bikes at the PD. All donated bikes are then picked up at the Ixonia center by Working Bikes Cooperative, a Chicago-based non-profit organization that repairs bikes and gives them to people in underserved communities in the U.S., Haiti, Africa and Central and South America.

Books, movies, workshops!

Join us for fun, learning and lively discussions as we talk about books, screen films relevant to our mission and gather at workshops on gardening, cooking and making things. Stayed tuned for scheduling information by joining our e-mail list; send an e-mail to And, if you have an idea for a book we should discuss, a film we should see or a workshop we should hold, let us know!

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