Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

March 3, 2021



Board Members Present: Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Kathy Adams, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki (Quorum established)

Others: CJ O’Neill, Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer, Dr. Karen Wright, Susanna Fricker

Called to order at 6:38

February Minutes: Motion to approve by Janet McConaughey & Buck Smith.  Approved unanimously.

Financial Report - $4243.64     $10.23 from Amazon smile  and .32 in dividends

Tech Report

Susannah states website is waiting to transfer to new host.  She planned to confer with Paul M to complete this. 

Rummage and plant Sale:  Setup  on Thursday April 22  with sale on 23rd and 24th

Kathy Adams will start a Google doc for sign up the event (or perhaps Sign up Genius)  The event will be published with the name of “Second Life Items and Gardening Store”

Recycling Score Sheet tabled for now.  The goal is to publish something on our website.

Video on Container Gardening: Mary Branson is willing to do this – perhaps filmed at the end of March.  Linda will contact Mary on this.

Book study:  The Overstory OR Braiding Sweetgrass   during the month of April.

As a result of Doug Tallamy’s “Bringing Nature Home” book study, there’s interest in outside projects.  Amanda plans to contact Greg David about the micro-park at the intersection of Oconomowoc Ave and Concord Ave in Watertown.  We will have a weed pulling party .

Regarding the Mason Farm native bee project, Linda will contact Kevin Weissman, who has ordered the plants this spring for the Dorothy Carnes County Park.

Our work will be at the Mason farm which has already existing plants to set up native bees there.

Rather than establishing mason bee homes, perhaps we should put up signage about the variety of natural pollinators and their relationship to the flowers and plants.  Perhaps we could use photos from the bee book that Dr. Wright recommended (The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America’s Bees by Olivia J. Messinger Carrill).   Paperback is $22.00 on Amazon.

Richard is interested in an annual project to make the disposable straws/tubes for the native bee homes 4-H or Future Farmers of America (bees are livestock)  Perhaps a project idea for the future?

Articles for sustainability?  Ellen proposed an educational article as a platform for us with alternating authors with a committee to authorize to go forward and then to edit.  Perhaps we could also review books or movies on germane topics.  Or have guest lecturers write 90-100 word artlicles.  Perhaps Ms. Wright?   A Zoom meeting to discuss these articles is planned with potentially Linda, Ellen, Amy Rinard, Kathy Adams, Katherine, and Amanda.


Richard encourages us to watch ECHO Valley Hope zooms every Sunday – especially the recent program they had on the sacredness of seeds:

Mike asked about a virtual MREA show for this year- Richard reports that they will not have the 2021 energy show, but there will be a virtual member- only show.  They are instead working on the 2022 fair – which is sure to be fabulous after the long pause.

Mike recommends the book, “Ministry for the Future” – discussing rights of the future generation as pertain to these threats:  global warming, diversity, climate change, sea level rise.  It is a long but GOOD read.

Mike moved to adjourn.  Seconded by John Nichols.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30

Our next meeting will be April 7, 2021 at 6PM via ZOOM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams,


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting


February 3, 2021


Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Kathy Adams, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Richard Seibt, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey (Quorum established)

Others: CJ O’Neill, Kathy Heller, Paul Moderacki, Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM.

January Minutes:  Kasy moved to approve. John seconded.  Approved by all.  Minutes approved unanimously.


January Financial Report

.36 Dividend

$4233.09 current balance

Rummage, Potatoes, and Plant Sale

Friday, April 23 – Saturday, April 24, 2021 as part of the Johnson Creek Village Sale

Our sale will use CJ’s garage and driveway.

We will have a sign saying masks are required on this private property.  CJ has a supply of masks to be handed out as needed.  Buck, CJ, and others will have materials for sale.

John made the motion that we hold this rummage sale.  Janet seconded.  Approved by all.

We discussed posting photos and descriptions of sale items on FaceBook Marketplace before the sale to keep personal contact minimized during the sale.  All items would be sold at and picked up at the garage sale, first come, first served.

Also offered for sale will be seed potatoes (145 pounds), donated plants, raspberries from Kasy (from jumping worm free soil!), and sweet potatoes from Janet (in purchased potting soil).


Seed starting could be videotaped as our 2nd garden video. 

According to Janet, Mary Branson volunteered to do a container plant video

Mason Farm, Mason (Native) Bees

Per a discussion in the most recent Jefferson County Parks committee meeting, which Buck attended, there is an ordinance stating the general public can buy a bee hive permit for $30.  There are stipulations attached. The hive can’t be within 200 feet of a property line and can’t be within 50 feet of a path.  Buck relayed our interest in mason bees and bee habitat at Dorothy Carnes Park.  We would need to make the bee houses and set them out, perhaps in May or June.  We can check in August to see if the bees have taken residence. 

How would people access the signage for bee education?  Perhaps a mowed path?  Buck has a meeting next week where they will discuss the placement of the signage. 

Perhaps we can invite Liz Walsh, a bee expert, who was a native of Johnson Creek, to one of our board meetings to discuss native bees and the native plants they require?

Per Amanda Langer, the Book Study group is finishing up its study of Doug Tallamy’s “Bringing Nature Home” next week. 

There were some great discussions, questions, and interest in taking care of a few local areas.  One of the areas discussed was the Watertown MicroPark (approx. ¼ acre) on the corner of Concord and Oconomowoc Avenues(by the bridge).  Ellen shared her knowledge of the park:  Greg David put a lot of work into it initially.  Over the years, thistle has taken hold there.  Tentatively, perhaps in May, Amanda could look at the site.  Greg could also be contacted for his insight.

Future Possible Event: David Stokes – discussed last month also.   Linda suggested planning to start in the fall to bring him to a Sustain Jefferson event and pay him appropriately.  He would draw a large family attendance.

Ellen thought Peter Hartz could also present a great program.  He is an expert on water reclamation (kid-focused)

Perhaps we could have an annual fall event for kids.


Kasy discussed the Recycling Score Sheet (as begun by Waukesha County Green Team)

Kasy requests that we look over these items and decide if there are any we should take out or add to this list.  Kasy has asked that this be done before the next meeting.  She will email out the list to the board.  This is in preparation for sending this to the public or our email list.

Katherine & Kasy would go forward to find out what the recycling companies in Jefferson County are doing with these items.

The most important part is that they get back the correct answers on the recycling at those companies.

This will also be on the agenda again for next month.

Paul suggested that with the next Supervisor election, we look for pro-earth candidates.  As they go around knocking on doors, they could share the recycling information.  Paul will send Linda the posters for citizen’s education on how his community’s recyclables are handed.  Perhaps it could be used as a model for our work on recycling education.  Paul recommends a Netflix series called “Dirty Money” - one episode is on a plastics manufacturer.

Per John, we need to look upstream and should push for more efficient packaging.  At his company, if they changed their packaging process, they could save 430,000 pounds of garbage every year and 53 semis would be taken off the road.  The company was interested because it also saved them money.  But the final decision is up to their customers, the businesses that retail their products.

Richard reminded us of the women in Wisconsin who originally developed the numbering system for recycling plastics – and perhaps they could speak to us (after we determine how to reach them).

Linda moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Kasy.  All approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:42pm.

Our next meeting will be March 3, 2021 at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams,