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Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission: Educating and motivating individuals, organizations, businesses and municipalities to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

2021-2022 Board of Directors

John Nichols (term expires 2023)

Richard Siebt (term expires 2023)

Linda Nichols (term expires 2023)

Amanda Langer (term expires 2024)

Ben Adams (term expires 2024)

Janet McConaughey (term expires 2024)

Karen Culberston (term expires 2025)

Mary Branson  (term expires 2025)

Mike Klaus (term expires 2025)

2022-20223 Officers

President                   Linda Nichols

Vice-President          Janet McConaughey

Treasurer                   Kathy Adams

Secretary                   Mary Branson

By Laws

Organizational Structure

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