Sustain Jefferson is a county-wide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Jefferson County, Wisconsin that works to help people lead more environmentally friendly, fair and economical lives for the good of their families, their communities and the planet.


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The Natural Step

Sustain Jefferson was founded on the principles of The Natural Step and advocates its four sustainability objectives:


1. Reduce wasteful dependence on fossil fuels, scarce metals and minerals. 

2. Reduce wasteful dependence on chemicals and synthetic substances.

3. Reduce encroachment upon nature.

4. Meet human needs fairly and efficiently.

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Upcoming Events

Loving your Land schedule

9:00 am Fall garden prep-Prepare your garden for the fall and winter months in an ecofriendly way that looks tidy and also supports the birds and bees.
10:00 am Winter birds-Let's make our yards more bird friendly. Winter birds can be abundant and entertaining.
11:00 am Crafts from the garden-Before you clean up your yard for the fall, look around. Some useful decorations may be hidden there. Come get some holiday ideas from Mary.
1:00 pm Spring wildflowers-Get excited for the next season of blooms and learn how you can incorporate native plants into your yard to support early spring bees and more.
2:00 pm Woodlands in winter-Learn how to restore your woodland to a healthy balance with the techniques of ecological restoration, including invasive species control, desirable native plants, and more.


Loving Your Land in Every Season

Join us on Oct 2, 2021 for a day of interesting speakers and to connect with fellow gardeners. From 9:00 to 3:00 at the Johnson Creek Community Center 417 Union St, Johnson Creek, WI 53038. We'll have 5 speakers with topics include fall garden prep., enjoying your garden in the winter, early spring native plants and more. Cost is $20.00 at the door, lunch is available with donations appreciated.

May 8th Thistle Pull

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Our next board meeting will be 6PM on October 7, 2021 via Zoom.